Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Again I must apologise for the lack of posts from me lately, life just seems to be whizzing by in a flash and I hardly get time to do much blogging! It upsets me a little as I really love it and I miss sitting and chatting to all my lovely new friends I have met over the past months over the blogosphere!
Anyway I do hope you are all enjoying the Easter hols and have had lots of choccy to munch through! the weather took a bit of a turn in Brum today so we didn't get out, hopefully tomorrow we can go and have a family day before my jury service start on Tuesday eeeeek! maybe if I don't get picked I will have some time to write a few blog posts? will be sure to take a notebook with me!
Back to Easter and Jack has been a spoilt little man by getting not just chocolate but clothes and toys too! I'm sure myself and James will help him get through all the chocolate :) mmmmm
Enjoy the rest of the long weekend guys, we have been watching Frozen a lot! anyone else addicted?
Love Louise xxx

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Life Update

The weeks go so fast don't they? I am in amazement that we are into April already! Anyway I wanted to give you a little update into my life lately....

Returning to work

Going back to work has been easier than I thought, we have got into a nice routine and it works well!, I enjoy going to work I think its good for me. Jack loves seeing his cousin every Thursday and spending time with his other family members, and we have our Wednesdays where we usually do something fun!

Health & Fitness

You may have seen in an earlier post of mine that I was in dire need of losing weight, well, that hasn't exactly happened yet. After all the blood pressure tests etc I went through in January along with having 2 wisdom teeth removed I just wasn't in the right frame of mind for it, but after seeing some recent photos of me I have joined the gym and have started that diet properly! I plan on going the gym at least twice a week and eat healthily and see how I get on! I joined last Friday and have been 3 times already, it gets pretty addictive! I've also started sticking on some fake tan because that also helps! Here's one Photo of me from my birthday that made me take that step

Hoochy mama! (Blast from the past!)

Turning 30

March was the month which saw me turn 30, and I don't mind at all! I quite like it! I had over a weeks worth of celebrations! I think the older you get the more you get taken seriously and you don't get as much crap from people, unless I just don't care as much what people think ( most likely the latter!)

We spent a couple of days in Chester we stopped in a hotel which had a pool so we could take Jack swimming which was nice, ate out plenty and presents galore! We spent my birthday itself at Chester zoo which is fab! V highly recommended. Meals out with friends, drinks and cakes! Wonder why I need to go the gym eh!

So what do the next few months bring? Well I am on jury service in a couple of weeks which I'm a bit nervous about, May we are going on Holiday to Devon which I am really looking forward to and in June it will be Jacks first birthday! ( as well as my dad's 60th bday, my sisters, mother in laws and bro in laws bdays and fathers day!) We are also getting jack christened along with his birthday party! Lottery win required I think!

Louise xxx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014



As we were out for a couple nights recently I thought I would show you this cute little outfit we got for Jack to wear!

Shirt & Trousers both H&M

Shoes - Next

Blazer - Next

The boy honestly dresses better than us!

Cheeky Monkey! 

I love buying him clothes, it's much more fun than going and finding nothing you like for yourself!

Louise xxx

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Jack's 9 month update!


I do apologise for the fact I am 4 days late with this post, however the 26th was also my 30th Birthday and we were away in Chester for a couple of days!

Well what can I say this month about Jack? He is well and truly becoming a right character, cheeky and has to have his own way! For example I was on my phone the other day and he whinged and whinged until I gave it to him and he laughed in my face! You can't help but smile but I mean how rude! Haha!

He can say a few words now like hiya, mama, dada, oh dear but most of the time its just babble but he does like to make noise. In a strangers company however he is very quiet and placid and acts like butter wouldn't melt

He currently has 3 bottles of milk a day of 6/7 Oz's I'm not sure if that is enough but he eats plenty of food so I'm not worried. He can't eat anything too lumpy yet though or he will gag and cough it till it flies out of his mouth!

He is into a good routine now and will sleep from around 8pm till 7am, 3 teeth are cut and he is finally mastering the roll front to back and back again! No crawling yet though! My mom takes him to gymbabes every Thursday so think he is getting a lot out of that! And he looks so cute in his little T-shirt that they get and I love that they get a sticker every week! Small things eh!

One thing that is quite hard is the fact he gets bored quickly and if we are out and he has a couple of toys he gets fed up after 5 minutes and starts whinging! Always a fidget, no good for cuddles *insert sad face ... such a boy!

Most the time he is a very happy lovely little boy and he has so many people around that love him loads!

Until 10 months...

Louise xxx 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Ordinary Moments #3

Jack wants to look out of the window...of course he wants to press his whole face against the window and make raspberry noises!
There is a canal at the back of our flat so he like to shout 'hiya' to the ducks!
And of course once he hears my camera go off he knows exactly what's going on so he has to pull his best smile pose! bless him
Louise xxx
The Ordinary Moments link brought to you by Katie @ mummydaddyme

Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Vampire Diaries Tag

I saw this tag post on Emma's blog and just had to do it myself as I am a MASSIVE fan of the show!
How did you discover the show?
I really can't remember how I discovered it, I think I must have been watching something else on ITV2 at the time and just seen an advert! I know it was around the same time as the Twilight craze though!
Who is your favourite character?
ooooh this is quite hard but I reckon Katherine, I love her! you got to have a little bad in you, Elena is too goody goody for my liking, Nina plays both character's so well!
If you were a vampire, would you live off human or animal blood?
Human definitely, but from a bag not biting, I reckon I would be quite the ripper otherwise!
Team Stefan or Damon?
Damon by a mile, my gosh what a man...vampire..

What’s your favourite supernatural power?
Being able to hear conversation's from far away, love that! I'm a nosey cow so I would never be able to shut my ears off haha!!
If you were to be a character who would you be?
Elena as all the men love her and she get's a lot of attention, plus she has a body to die for!
Have you read the book series?
No but I have heard they are quite different from the TV series so don't think I'd bother now as it would get too confusing

Who’s your crush on the show?
Damon. All.Day.Long.
What was your initial thought of the show and did it change after you saw it?
The first episode I thought hmm ok this could be good, I think Paul Wesley studied Edward (Twilight) too much as he really acted like him in the first few episodes, then that faded away and Damon came in and I was just hooked!

Who is your favourite villain?
Klaus, I didn't like him to start with as I thought he was too bad if there's such a thing, then we saw a softer side of him with Caroline and he just became a great character.

I won't tag anyone as I'm not sure who else watches the show but If you do it please let me know!
Louise xxx

Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Ordinary Moments #2

Chocolate Biccies in the car!
At the start of yesterday myself and Jack had no plans, but I text my mom to see what they were up-to and as they had my nephew for the night they were off to Umberslade Farm, so me at Jack went along too!
It was a fantastic day, beautiful sunshine and plenty of country air (and farmyard smells!)
It was one of the best days this year so far, for a Saturday, it wasn't too busy surprisingly, just the right amount of people, we fed the lambs, calves and pigs and saw ponies and goats, small animals (like baby rabbits and chicks aaaahhhhh) and fed the chickens! And the boys had fun in the play area.
On the way home Jack was getting a little grumpy so we gave him a chocolate biscotti which cheered him up no end!
Unplanned days out are always the best ones!
The Ordinary Moments link with thanks to Katie at Mummy Daddy Me
Louise xxx