Sunday, 22 June 2014

What I like about being a Mom and 30!

You know when you do/say something and then think to yourself 'I wouldn't have done that 10 years ago' right now I've never felt more at ease with the way I am, I'm not ashamed to like certain things or voice my opinion. Now I think I am this way like me or don't like me!

Nowadays there are very few people where if they had something to say, it would affect my life a great deal! Is that bad??

I have taken a bit of inspiration from glamour magazines 'hey it's ok' section and thought of a few of my own....
  • to like and enjoy the Eurovision song contest.
  • to get home from work and put Pjs straight on even if it is 6pm
  • to lift free weights in the gym like a boss
  • to finally voice my opinion and believe 100% it's the right way of thinking
  • to talk to yourself all the way round the supermarket/park/down the street whilst pushing a baby who just so happens to be asleep.
  • to take 15744782 pictures of your child eating raisins.
  • to pretend your on the phone when walking past a salesman just because you don't even have the time to say no thanks!
  • To constantly say to people 'oh I'm not with it today' when you've said/done something silly (again)
  • To still own bags and bags of make up and play dress up!
  • To get excited about having a McDonald's

I could go on all day but there's a few of my 'hey its ok' excuses!

Do you have any you can add? I'd love to hear some!

Louise xxx

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

June Life...

Hello everyone!

I wanted to write this post first and foremost to say I'm still here and I very much want to keep blogging and somehow in future keeping it a regular thing! I know I don't have to explain myself but I have made some lovely friends through blogging and I want to keep you guys updated on my life!

Well through holidays, birthday celebrations, work and Jack life has been very hectic! Even today my day off it's now 9.15pm and have just sat down from 6.45am this morning! Phew! We had a fantastic first family holiday in North Devon and  it was bliss! So much there for kids and not too far to travel which is always a bonus! We also recently spent a weekend in Wales as a surprise for my dads 60th Birthday which was lovely.

So now we are currently getting ready for Jack's first birthday (Eeeek!) And also his christening and birthday party so still something to look forward to! July will be pretty quiet though, I'll probably want for a busy life again! Unless it's boiling like last year and I'll be happy to chill a bit!

It's crazy to think this time last year I was a couple weeks from having Jack and I was just reading blogs wondering whether to start my own!

Also my weight loss is going quite well, I have lost some and am toning up! I am using slender blend from protein world to help me and will blog about this product in the near future!

Anyway that's it for now I promise I will get back into regular blog posts as I really miss it and get envious of everyone else doing lots of fantastic posts!

See you soon!

Louise xxx

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Last Two Weeks... A Life Experience

Jury Service

What most people dread, myself included. When I received the summons in February I... For want of a better word-crapped myself!

I was really really nervous but had no reason to get out of it so bite the bullet I must. There goes the saying sometimes in life you have to do things you don't like!
So the day finally came and I needed to be there for 9am. I had never been to that part of Birmingham city centre so wasn't quite sure where I was going. I ended up trying to use maps on my phone but got confused and ended up outside the wrong courts! I was ok though as I found another lost companion and someone showed us the way and got there right on time -  phew! Strange for me as I'm usually half an hour early when I go anywhere!

Anyway I spent the rest of the day waiting in a stuffy room no bigger than a shed (exaggerated) totally anxious about everything and went home feeling really poorly. The next day I got picked to be on a jury. I won't go into details about anything else in the court room for obvious reasons but it is exactly how you imagine wigs and all! and swearing on an oath is pretty nerve-wracking too!

What I found out of the experience of going on jury service is the thoughts and feelings of the people you deliberate with. I thought everyone would think the same but it's amazing how 12 people can interpret exactly the same information and have their own thoughts and feelings which can differ to your own somewhat.
I'm also glad I did it at this age. My 18 year old self would have thought so much differently, one being don't judge a book by its cover, or do...up to you!

Looking back I'm now really glad I did it, it can teach you a lot which can only be a good thing. It can make you look at life in a completely new way and make you grateful for the life you lead no matter how mundane it can seem at times.

If I could give you any piece of advice if any of you do get called up and you get nervous well don't! There's hours upon hours of waiting around and it's really interesting once you get a trial.
I didn't get anything nasty either so I couldn't comment on my feelings if I had!

So if you do get called up in your life..just embrace it. It's a life lesson indeed!

Louise xxx

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Jack's 10 Month Update

Ok so I am a day late writing this post but that doesn't really matter now does it!
I have been thinking back to this time last year, 7 months into pregnancy, big fat belly and swollen ankles. It was around this time where I had my first growth scan, Jack measured average size then, so I really piled it on him in the final 2 months, momma loves the cake!
So Jack, what has he been upto lately? being a lovely little man with a slight cheekiness which can put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye at the end of a bad day.  Still no crawling but slight bum shuffling and will crawl backwards and round in circles so I'm sure it wont be long now.
my beautiful boy
He seems to have dropped a nap or at least a portion of the length of one, if we are at home he tends to have one long nap after lunch and will then sleep from 8pm till 7am...and this continued through him getting 4 teeth at the top! he also has his bottom 2 teeth but I think more are on their way as he I showing the signs again.
Still loving the food! we are just starting him onto stage 3 now he has some teeth to chew! (before he only ate pure pureed food, his choice not ours) and can also grab little bits with his thumb and forefinger which I think is very clever!
We have also started blow drying his hair after bathtime and brushing his little toothy pegs! check him out here getting a nice blow dry..
Jack is one hell of a mimic, see all his facial expressions well he must pick these up from people, me probably as I pull some right weird faces most the time! one thing I can't stand at the minute he is grinding his teeth the sound goes right through me! he can say a few words mostly mom, dada, yeah and hiya. He also likes a bit of a dance and a singsong :)
He plays really well you can leave him for ages (well not ages you know what I mean!) and get on with a few bits while he will sit and play happily. He loves going out and has no problem with other people, he loves watching kids though he thinks they are hilarious!
Well until 11 months...hopefully we will see some progress on the crawling front - and we will have been on our first holiday! soooo excited!
Louise xxx

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Again I must apologise for the lack of posts from me lately, life just seems to be whizzing by in a flash and I hardly get time to do much blogging! It upsets me a little as I really love it and I miss sitting and chatting to all my lovely new friends I have met over the past months over the blogosphere!
Anyway I do hope you are all enjoying the Easter hols and have had lots of choccy to munch through! the weather took a bit of a turn in Brum today so we didn't get out, hopefully tomorrow we can go and have a family day before my jury service start on Tuesday eeeeek! maybe if I don't get picked I will have some time to write a few blog posts? will be sure to take a notebook with me!
Back to Easter and Jack has been a spoilt little man by getting not just chocolate but clothes and toys too! I'm sure myself and James will help him get through all the chocolate :) mmmmm
Enjoy the rest of the long weekend guys, we have been watching Frozen a lot! anyone else addicted?
Love Louise xxx

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Life Update

The weeks go so fast don't they? I am in amazement that we are into April already! Anyway I wanted to give you a little update into my life lately....

Returning to work

Going back to work has been easier than I thought, we have got into a nice routine and it works well!, I enjoy going to work I think its good for me. Jack loves seeing his cousin every Thursday and spending time with his other family members, and we have our Wednesdays where we usually do something fun!

Health & Fitness

You may have seen in an earlier post of mine that I was in dire need of losing weight, well, that hasn't exactly happened yet. After all the blood pressure tests etc I went through in January along with having 2 wisdom teeth removed I just wasn't in the right frame of mind for it, but after seeing some recent photos of me I have joined the gym and have started that diet properly! I plan on going the gym at least twice a week and eat healthily and see how I get on! I joined last Friday and have been 3 times already, it gets pretty addictive! I've also started sticking on some fake tan because that also helps! Here's one Photo of me from my birthday that made me take that step

Hoochy mama! (Blast from the past!)

Turning 30

March was the month which saw me turn 30, and I don't mind at all! I quite like it! I had over a weeks worth of celebrations! I think the older you get the more you get taken seriously and you don't get as much crap from people, unless I just don't care as much what people think ( most likely the latter!)

We spent a couple of days in Chester we stopped in a hotel which had a pool so we could take Jack swimming which was nice, ate out plenty and presents galore! We spent my birthday itself at Chester zoo which is fab! V highly recommended. Meals out with friends, drinks and cakes! Wonder why I need to go the gym eh!

So what do the next few months bring? Well I am on jury service in a couple of weeks which I'm a bit nervous about, May we are going on Holiday to Devon which I am really looking forward to and in June it will be Jacks first birthday! ( as well as my dad's 60th bday, my sisters, mother in laws and bro in laws bdays and fathers day!) We are also getting jack christened along with his birthday party! Lottery win required I think!

Louise xxx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014



As we were out for a couple nights recently I thought I would show you this cute little outfit we got for Jack to wear!

Shirt & Trousers both H&M

Shoes - Next

Blazer - Next

The boy honestly dresses better than us!

Cheeky Monkey! 

I love buying him clothes, it's much more fun than going and finding nothing you like for yourself!

Louise xxx