Sunday, 27 October 2013

Winter Wishlist

Happy Sunday Peeps!
 Today I am doing a wishlist post, one for myself this time and not for Jack! gotta mix it up a little bit now haven't I?!
1. Holly Willoughby Tartan Dress - Very
2. Leather Look Biker Jacket - New Look
3. Buckle Long Boots - Next
4. Nail Polish in 'Beam' - Topshop
5. Knitted Crystal Studded Jumper - Topshop
6. Hedgehog Slippers - Next
7. Abstract Trousers - River Island
8. Owl Bag - Next
9. Tote Bag - River Island
It would be lovely to afford all these items and I must say I haven't brought much for myself since Jack was born, I go to look and get drawn to the baby clothes and buy them instead! I definitely want the dress for my work's Christmas party though and the slippers are so cute!
Louise xxx