Saturday, 9 November 2013

New Christmas Decorations..Help Me Choose!

So earlier this year, in my nesting phase, we needed to sort out our storage cupboard...and I decided to chuck out the Christmas tree! It's ok it was only a pop up windy one that you could only put lights on anyway (the past couple of year's I haven't really been bothered with xmas decs) so this year I will be buying a new slimline 6ft tree. Only thing is I don't know which colour decorations to buy! there are so many to choose from but I have narrowed it down to these but I still can't decide which to get!
Can you help?

We have plenty of other bits and bobs to put round the place to make it look Christmassy but  have spotted these other bits in Next that I may also have to purchase!

I know it's still technically early to be talking Christmas decorations but I want to get them before they go out of stock!

Before my silly windy pop up tree we had a black tree and I had silver and pink decs, I still have a lot of the silver stuff which I suppose could go with the purple? arrrgh I don't know!


Louise xxx


  1. I think the red, gold & greens look beautifully traditional and those would be my primary choice but the gold & creams are really classy. You could possibly tie the silver decorations you already have in with those too?

  2. It look cute and pretty small Christmas Decorations are seems to be colorful.

  3. Nathan wanted a stags head in our living room - I might have to pick up that reindeer as a wind up ;)

    Louise x

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  4. The red, gold and greens do look lovely and very traditional. However I really think with Christmas trees you need to splash as much colour on them as physically possible. I have baubles in every colour. Might sound tacky but I love it!

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    Laura x x x