Sunday, 30 March 2014

Jack's 9 month update!


I do apologise for the fact I am 4 days late with this post, however the 26th was also my 30th Birthday and we were away in Chester for a couple of days!

Well what can I say this month about Jack? He is well and truly becoming a right character, cheeky and has to have his own way! For example I was on my phone the other day and he whinged and whinged until I gave it to him and he laughed in my face! You can't help but smile but I mean how rude! Haha!

He can say a few words now like hiya, mama, dada, oh dear but most of the time its just babble but he does like to make noise. In a strangers company however he is very quiet and placid and acts like butter wouldn't melt

He currently has 3 bottles of milk a day of 6/7 Oz's I'm not sure if that is enough but he eats plenty of food so I'm not worried. He can't eat anything too lumpy yet though or he will gag and cough it till it flies out of his mouth!

He is into a good routine now and will sleep from around 8pm till 7am, 3 teeth are cut and he is finally mastering the roll front to back and back again! No crawling yet though! My mom takes him to gymbabes every Thursday so think he is getting a lot out of that! And he looks so cute in his little T-shirt that they get and I love that they get a sticker every week! Small things eh!

One thing that is quite hard is the fact he gets bored quickly and if we are out and he has a couple of toys he gets fed up after 5 minutes and starts whinging! Always a fidget, no good for cuddles *insert sad face ... such a boy!

Most the time he is a very happy lovely little boy and he has so many people around that love him loads!

Until 10 months...

Louise xxx 


  1. Eliot is exactly the same when we're out! He was a nightmare at Mother's Day dinner with my mum, smashed a plate on the floor!
    Happy belated 30th! Hope you had a fab time away x

  2. He is such a little cutie pie!!! Hope you had a fab birthday, welcome to your 30s! ;) xx