Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Ordinary Moments #3

Jack wants to look out of the window...of course he wants to press his whole face against the window and make raspberry noises!
There is a canal at the back of our flat so he like to shout 'hiya' to the ducks!
And of course once he hears my camera go off he knows exactly what's going on so he has to pull his best smile pose! bless him
Louise xxx
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  1. Oh what beautiful photos, that last one made me get goosebumps. What a smiley boy. And LL does this to windows too, it always makes such a smeary mess but I can't get mad. ;) x

  2. Oh too cute! Eliot hasn't found the windows yet! X

  3. He's adorable. And that's so cute about the ducks! x

  4. Oh bless him! This post made me smile so much! So lovely!

  5. Such lovely photos - and how cool to have a canal to look at out of the window! Toby likes to look out of our patio doors onto the garden but there's not much to see at the moment.