Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Again I must apologise for the lack of posts from me lately, life just seems to be whizzing by in a flash and I hardly get time to do much blogging! It upsets me a little as I really love it and I miss sitting and chatting to all my lovely new friends I have met over the past months over the blogosphere!
Anyway I do hope you are all enjoying the Easter hols and have had lots of choccy to munch through! the weather took a bit of a turn in Brum today so we didn't get out, hopefully tomorrow we can go and have a family day before my jury service start on Tuesday eeeeek! maybe if I don't get picked I will have some time to write a few blog posts? will be sure to take a notebook with me!
Back to Easter and Jack has been a spoilt little man by getting not just chocolate but clothes and toys too! I'm sure myself and James will help him get through all the chocolate :) mmmmm
Enjoy the rest of the long weekend guys, we have been watching Frozen a lot! anyone else addicted?
Love Louise xxx


  1. Ahhhh he’s so cute!! Happy Easter Hun xxx

    1. Thank you hun! Hope you've had a lovely Easter xxx

  2. Such a cutie pie!!!! Hope your jury service goes ok! xx