Sunday, 27 April 2014

Jack's 10 Month Update

Ok so I am a day late writing this post but that doesn't really matter now does it!
I have been thinking back to this time last year, 7 months into pregnancy, big fat belly and swollen ankles. It was around this time where I had my first growth scan, Jack measured average size then, so I really piled it on him in the final 2 months, momma loves the cake!
So Jack, what has he been upto lately? being a lovely little man with a slight cheekiness which can put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye at the end of a bad day.  Still no crawling but slight bum shuffling and will crawl backwards and round in circles so I'm sure it wont be long now.
my beautiful boy
He seems to have dropped a nap or at least a portion of the length of one, if we are at home he tends to have one long nap after lunch and will then sleep from 8pm till 7am...and this continued through him getting 4 teeth at the top! he also has his bottom 2 teeth but I think more are on their way as he I showing the signs again.
Still loving the food! we are just starting him onto stage 3 now he has some teeth to chew! (before he only ate pure pureed food, his choice not ours) and can also grab little bits with his thumb and forefinger which I think is very clever!
We have also started blow drying his hair after bathtime and brushing his little toothy pegs! check him out here getting a nice blow dry..
Jack is one hell of a mimic, see all his facial expressions well he must pick these up from people, me probably as I pull some right weird faces most the time! one thing I can't stand at the minute he is grinding his teeth the sound goes right through me! he can say a few words mostly mom, dada, yeah and hiya. He also likes a bit of a dance and a singsong :)
He plays really well you can leave him for ages (well not ages you know what I mean!) and get on with a few bits while he will sit and play happily. He loves going out and has no problem with other people, he loves watching kids though he thinks they are hilarious!
Well until 11 months...hopefully we will see some progress on the crawling front - and we will have been on our first holiday! soooo excited!
Louise xxx


  1. Oh they grow so quickly don't they? Our Little Man is 1 in 2 weeks and I don't know where the year has gone! x

  2. Aw bless what a sweetie. Great thinking using the hairdryer so young, we never used one and Libby is now petrified of them!x

    1. We just decided to try it out one day thinking he would hate it but he was surprisingly OK so we've carried on! He does pull some faces though haha!! Bless em xxx

  3. I remember those swollen feet, certainly don't miss them! Lol. Jack & Eliot are still so similar, he is the same on the crawling front but seemed to be closer to it tonight. I can't believe they are nearly 1, it's mad! X

    1. I know how strange I read your post for Eliot and thought omg him and Jack are the same! It wouldn't let me comment on yours for some reason! I was going to ask if I could copy and paste your post for jacks hahaha!!! Not long till the big bday aaaaahhhhh!! Almost 1 as if! Xxx