Thursday, 3 April 2014

Life Update

The weeks go so fast don't they? I am in amazement that we are into April already! Anyway I wanted to give you a little update into my life lately....

Returning to work

Going back to work has been easier than I thought, we have got into a nice routine and it works well!, I enjoy going to work I think its good for me. Jack loves seeing his cousin every Thursday and spending time with his other family members, and we have our Wednesdays where we usually do something fun!

Health & Fitness

You may have seen in an earlier post of mine that I was in dire need of losing weight, well, that hasn't exactly happened yet. After all the blood pressure tests etc I went through in January along with having 2 wisdom teeth removed I just wasn't in the right frame of mind for it, but after seeing some recent photos of me I have joined the gym and have started that diet properly! I plan on going the gym at least twice a week and eat healthily and see how I get on! I joined last Friday and have been 3 times already, it gets pretty addictive! I've also started sticking on some fake tan because that also helps! Here's one Photo of me from my birthday that made me take that step

Hoochy mama! (Blast from the past!)

Turning 30

March was the month which saw me turn 30, and I don't mind at all! I quite like it! I had over a weeks worth of celebrations! I think the older you get the more you get taken seriously and you don't get as much crap from people, unless I just don't care as much what people think ( most likely the latter!)

We spent a couple of days in Chester we stopped in a hotel which had a pool so we could take Jack swimming which was nice, ate out plenty and presents galore! We spent my birthday itself at Chester zoo which is fab! V highly recommended. Meals out with friends, drinks and cakes! Wonder why I need to go the gym eh!

So what do the next few months bring? Well I am on jury service in a couple of weeks which I'm a bit nervous about, May we are going on Holiday to Devon which I am really looking forward to and in June it will be Jacks first birthday! ( as well as my dad's 60th bday, my sisters, mother in laws and bro in laws bdays and fathers day!) We are also getting jack christened along with his birthday party! Lottery win required I think!

Louise xxx


  1. Wow lots of stuff going on, can't believe the first birthdays are creeping up so quickly! I'm back at work tomorrow, glad to hear you've been finding it ok! I've always wanted to do jury service, hope it goes well :) xx

    1. Thanks chick I know its scary how quick this year has flown! Xxx

  2. Aww lovely post Louise! Glad going back to work has been good for you.
    I think you look fab in your pics, but I hope the gym helps you feel better - Ive just been fake tanning tonight and I so agree, just that little bit of colour makes me feel so much better!!!!
    Oooh where abouts in Devon are you going on hols? You`ll be in our neck of the woods!

    Omg I can't believe Hooch is back!!!!! Memories of being 14!!! lol xxx

    1. Thanks hun! Gym is going OK have lost a few pounds and toning up. I hate getting all sweaty though yuk! That hooch bottle was huge I couldn't finish it! We are stopping in westward ho! In a cottage next month, can't wait for jack to see the sea! And to visit the big sheep! Hope you are all well xxx

  3. Oooh busy mama! Glad going back to work has been taken all in both of your strides..leaving them is hard but coming home to them is the best feeling in the world!

    1. Thank you chick yes its lovely to see his lil face when I pick him up! Hope you and bump are well xxxx