Sunday, 22 June 2014

What I like about being a Mom and 30!

You know when you do/say something and then think to yourself 'I wouldn't have done that 10 years ago' right now I've never felt more at ease with the way I am, I'm not ashamed to like certain things or voice my opinion. Now I think I am this way like me or don't like me!

Nowadays there are very few people where if they had something to say, it would affect my life a great deal! Is that bad??

I have taken a bit of inspiration from glamour magazines 'hey it's ok' section and thought of a few of my own....
  • to like and enjoy the Eurovision song contest.
  • to get home from work and put Pjs straight on even if it is 6pm
  • to lift free weights in the gym like a boss
  • to finally voice my opinion and believe 100% it's the right way of thinking
  • to talk to yourself all the way round the supermarket/park/down the street whilst pushing a baby who just so happens to be asleep.
  • to take 15744782 pictures of your child eating raisins.
  • to pretend your on the phone when walking past a salesman just because you don't even have the time to say no thanks!
  • To constantly say to people 'oh I'm not with it today' when you've said/done something silly (again)
  • To still own bags and bags of make up and play dress up!
  • To get excited about having a McDonald's

I could go on all day but there's a few of my 'hey its ok' excuses!

Do you have any you can add? I'd love to hear some!

Louise xxx

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